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DeGroot on Crime

Paul DeGroot
On Crime

Paul DeGroot believes that safety is a basic human right. You have the right to be safe in your home, in your neighborhood, on the roads you travel and stores you visit, and you have the expectation that criminals will be punished.

Progressive politicians and liberal judges have taken that right away from you by coddling criminals and making excuses for crime. The results of liberal bail reform and other attempts at “social justice” have been to embolden criminals to commit more crimes against you, your family and your property. Why shouldn’t they? The likelihood of real punishment in many jurisdictions is remote. Police arrest bad guys and liberals let them free within hours.

Paul DeGroot spent 25 years as a Prosecutors in Passaic County. His job was to put criminals in jail. As a prosecutor, Paul dealt with officials on the municipal, county, state and federal level – including the FBI and the DEA. No other Republican candidate for CD-11 has that breadth of experience.

“Paul and I have worked shoulder to shoulder for many years to address the crime problem in the 3rd largest city in NJ and in that time, Paul has shown to be tireless in his pursuit of justice while showing great empathy toward the victims of crime. We have built a partnership to reduce crime, build better community involvement and make policing more transparent. I don’t believe there is anyone currently in Congress more suited to sponsor effective and long-term criminal justice reform.”
Troy Oswald, retired Chief of Police, Paterson, NJ

Crime Stories & Statistics

  • The Democrat liberal mission to excuse crime has been married to an alarming disrespect for police. There were 346 officers shot in the line of duty in 2021; 103 were ambushed.