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DeGroot Responds to Selen

Tayfun’s press release demanding I call on Tom Mastrangelo to return money raised from a fundraiser is laughable. Tayfun is clearly more concerned with Tom’s bank account than with the Commissioner’s race and the issues facing Republican voters.

If Tayfun wants to talk about campaign contributions, let’s talk. Last year, I myself called on Tayfun to return campaign contributions from Turkish PACs and Erdogan-allied groups that deny the Armenian genocide that killed 1.2 million Armenian Christians from 1915 to 1916. These groups are openly committed to Turkey’s goal of rolling back the United States recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Tayfun is the last person that should be criticizing anyone’s fundraising or campaign contributions.

The fundraiser in question featured former NFL football player Christian Peter, who was convicted of sexual assault in the 1990’s while a student at the University of Nebraska. According to the New York Post, Mr. Peter hasn’t served a day in prison and is not a registered sex offender and takes “full responsibility” for the incident. At the fundraiser, Mr. Peter gave a motivational speech about his past mistakes and how he has turned his life around to give back to his community. Mr. Peter has been mentoring children for the past 30 years and is spokesman for the Tigger House Foundation, which has partnered with Robert Wood Johnson Hospital to reduce deaths from heroin and opiate abuse.

Everyone deserves a second chance. Mr. Peter’s issues are well known, and he was able to turn his life around and give back. As Commissioner, Tayfun funds and oversees addiction programs and services that for many provide a second chance to turn their life around, just as Mr. Peter was able to. Tayfun himself got a second chance when he came to the United States and he uses it to accept donations from organizations that don’t support America.

While I am running on the same line with Tom Mastrangelo, we are running separate campaigns. I would not tell Tom what to do in his campaign any more than I would expect him to tell me what to do in mine. However, if Tayfun returns his questionable campaign contributions, I’ll consider. In the meantime, I will continue on the issues that matter most to the voters in Morris County.

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