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Experience - Dedication
Ready on Day One

Paul DeGroot

I’ll bring that energy and dedication to Congress to fight for this district every day.
Vote Paul DeGroot for US Congress, NJ CD 11

Why Paul is Running for Congress?

Paul DeGroot decided to run for Congress out of deep concern about the future of America under President Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi — and Congress-people like Rep. Mikie Sherrill, who enable them and their agenda.

“I am running for Congress because I want to help our country. America is heading in the wrong direction. The progressive’s attack on our values and institutions is unrelenting; they want to change our history, our economy, and the way our children think about America.

“Sharon and I are concerned about the kind of America our children and yours will inherit. We don’t want our children and grandchildren growing up hating America. I don’t want them growing up in a world where their rights are confiscated by the government and where hope for a better life is an unreachable dream.”

“Throughout my career I worked to improve people’s lives; to make neighborhoods safer, to protect taxpayers and prevent the abuse of government power. Now government is abusing its power, destroying people’s lives — closing businesses, parks and schools, demanding that you wear masks … or else. That’s an abuse of government power that must be stopped.

Paul DeGroot
The Only Republican Who Can Win in November

Paul DeGroot is the ideal candidate to take down liberal Democrat Rep. Mikie Sherrill, who has voted to support Joe Biden’s and Nancy Pelosi’s left-wing agenda – and who stands in lock step with Gov. Phil Murphy’s abuse of power.
While Sherrill was a prosecutor in name only, Paul worked diligently at his job, prosecuted cases against law breakers and made sure they were punished. He started working juvenile cases and ultimately became Chief of the Homicide, Narcotics and Government Corruption units. He developed the skills needed to debate, argue, persuade, and negotiate

“My job was to put bad guys in jail, not to release them to the streets. I was good at my job because I cared about the victims of crime; I wanted to get justice for those people who could not get justice for themselves. As a Congressman I will always fight for people who are on the right side of the law.”

More importantly for our times, is that Paul is NOT a politician. Sending career politicians to Washington is part of what’s gone wrong with America. Too many of them go to the Capital to serve themselves, not the people who elected them. Too many owe favors to their donors and the powerful people who got them there. Not Paul.

Paul DeGroot and Neighbor - Paul DeGroot Cares
Experienced, Dedicated, Ready on Day One
“This district deserves to have the best Republican representative in Congress and the one who has the best chance to beat Mikie Sherrill in November,” DeGroot declares. “The person that’s going to go on the offense; who knows how to cross-examine, knows how to debate, and knows how to persuade. That’s been my job for 25 years. I’ll bring that energy and dedication to Congress to fight for this district every day.
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A Note from Paul DeGroot

“I may be new to politics but I am not new to the issues that confront all of us every day. For 25 years, I dealt with the issues of crime and criminal justice on four levels of government: municipal, county, state and federal.

“I’ve worked with, police officials and with the elected officials and bureaucrats at all those levels; soliciting their input and listening to their approaches

“I’ve dealt with the funding demands of government agencies and what it takes to craft a budget. I’ve worked with purchasing of equipment and meeting staffing needs.

“I’ve dealt with the problems of kids from the suburbs like yours, going to the city to buy drugs and meeting bad ends when they get there.

“I’ve dealt with gangs.

“I’ve dealt with politicians who think that because they were elected, they have special privileges that you and I don’t have.

“I can address all these issues and more – and no one else in this contest for your vote can say the same thing.”