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For 25 years, I served with distinction in the prosecutor’s Office, where my hard work and dedication earned me promotions to the ranks of Chief Assistant Prosecutor of Narcotics, Chief Assistant Prosecutor of Government Corruption, and the coveted role of Chief Assistant Prosecutor of Homicide. It was a 24/7 job that had me woken up at 2 or 3 in the morning to investigate a homicide or request phone taps or arrest warrants. It was holding the hand and consoling the mother of a young woman shot by gangs. It was long days and nights dedicated to a job I loved, but the one drawback back was that my job did not allow my involvement in politics in ANY WAY. I was not allowed to put a sign on my lawn, write a check or run for office.

I was born into a family of public servants, being raised by a firefighter father and a schoolteacher mother. They taught me to always care about my community and give back. Throughout my years in the prosecutor’s office, although I was very busy, I still found ways to give back. I was a Free Mason, a member of the Jaycees, I volunteered for the Lawyers referral program, was the volunteer President of my union, I’ve volunteered with both the Passaic County and Morris County Bars, and what I am most proud of is my volunteer work with the Red Cross after 911. Feeling helpless after 911, a colleague and I drove to Ground Zero to see what we could do; we volunteered with the Red Cross and delivered water and supplies to the first responders at Ground Zero.

My Opponent

My opponent, on the other hand, when asked at a recent debate, proceeded to tell the audience all about his political appointments and elected offices from Zoning Board of Chatham Boro to Council member of Chatham Township, then on to Mayor before filling the County Freeholder seat vacated by Heather Darling when she became Surrogate. What he failed to tell you is that he was available for that Freeholder appointment because he lost his Primary bid for another year on the Chatham Township Council, the year in which he was appointed Mayor of the town. Why did the incumbent Mayor lose in what was then a Republican town? One just needs to look at the local online paper and the many letters to the editor against the sitting Mayor and what his priorities were amongst them, designing swag and reaching higher office:

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