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Paul DeGroot
On The Issues

Abortion: Paul DeGroot is pro choice and believes women deserve the right to choose. He believes there should always be exceptions in the terrible circumstances of rape, incest, or medical danger for the mother. Paul believes parents should always be in the conversation if their minor child is facing this difficult decision.

Parent’s Rights in Education: Paul supports all parents’ right to be part of curriculum decisions in their children’s schools. He opposes indoctrinating our students with leftist ideology. Paul will work with parents to make sure our public-school curriculum teaches students marketable skills, not socialist propaganda.

American Liberty and Freedom: Paul opposes government lockdowns of business and schools – and the abuse of federal and state power on Americans. He opposes executive edicts during the Covid-19 pandemic that infringe on personal liberty.

The U.S. Constitution: Paul is an ardent supporter of following the U.S. Constitution and interpreting it as written by our Founding Fathers. He opposes judges who legislate from the bench. As a prosecutor for 25 years; Paul lived with the Constitution every day.

Energy Independence: Paul Supports energy independence for America. Under President Biden oil prices have skyrocketing from $41.9 a barrel in 2020 to more than $100 today. The increase is felt by every family and business in America

The American Economy – Besides energy independence, Paul supports measures to cut inflation, and a national tax policy that creates strong industries and good paying jobs for Americans. To compete with China, America needs less regulation on businesses.

Border Security: Illegal immigrants are flooding into our country from our Southern Border. They are coming from all corners of the globe and most are unvetted. The progressives like Mikie Sherril are encouraging this mass invasion of our country and supporting President Biden’s policy of secretly dispersing illegal aliens to all corners of the United States. Paul will fight for U.S. Border Security.

NY Times – October 22 2021- A record 1.7 million migrants from around the world were encountered trying to enter the United States illegally in 2021… capping a year of chaos at the southern border, which has emerged as one of the most formidable challenges for the Biden administration. It was the highest number of illegal crossings recorded since at least 1960.

Senior Citizens: Paul supports expanding basic Medicare benefit for our senior citizens to include eyeglass and dental. These benefits can be paid for by cutting government waste and curtailing financing to illegal immigrants.

Veterans: Paul cares about our U.S. Military veteran and believes they deserve the best opportunities and care we can provide for them. Thanking them for their service is not enough. Paul supports the rights of veterans to receive legal assistance, medical services, business & housing ownership, employment outreach, discharge upgrades and family outreach services.