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Tell Mikie to Say No to More Covid Spending

The Democrat controlled Congress is about to spend another $15.6 billion on Covid in a stand-alone spending bill. This is outrageous. Congress has already spent almost 6 TRILLION on Covid – and today it was announced that, after many calls to root-out covid Fraud, President Biden finally appointed a special investigator to look in to an estimated $8 billion in Covid-financing fraud.

Enough is enough. Liberals in Congress have used trillions of your tax money during the Covid crisis to dole out money indiscriminately – just to buy votes. Rep Mikie Sherrill is just as guilty as any of them. She is purchasing votes with your money and she doesn’t care about the fraudsters who are abusing the excessive government spending. There has been no audit of the Covid spending, no watchdog to make sure the money is going where it is really needed. 

It’s bad enough that New Jersey families are suffering under the Biden/Sherrill inflation tax. Don’t let them add to our nation’s economic woes by creating another $15 billion slush fund.

Tell Mikie Sherrill to Vote NO on more Covid spending  

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